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ASME U Stamp Gas Cyclone Separator
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Product: Views:390ASME U Stamp Gas Cyclone Separator 
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Cyclone Separator

Quick Detail

Product name:Cyclone separator  Model:XF 

Certificate:ASME U Stamp,ISO9001 

Design Code: ASME VIII. DIV.1,ASME B 31.4,ASME B 31.8



Cyclone separator is pressure vessel which remove dust from gas.


Inlet,outlet, relief valve nozzle, vent, hand holes, water inlet,cleaning nozzle, drainage nozzle, cap,barrel, cyclone tube, leg supports, flanges, bolts, nuts and washers and other components.

iii.Technical Properties


Cyclone is an important gas solid separation equipment in the fields of petrochemical, natural gas, coal-fired power generation and environmental protection have been widely used, compared to other gas-solid separation, cyclone separator has a simple structure, no moving parts, high separation efficiency ,it is suitable for gas flow big fluctuations, high pressure, high dust conditions and the amount of liquid.

Cyclone separator’s basic principle is to use centrifugal sedimentation principle separated from the gas out of solid and liquid impurities and dust particles.Gas from the upper portion of the cyclone tangential inlet into the cyclone along the wall so that it rotates at high speed in a spiral path to the bottom,then it is rotated upward after reaching the bottom of the fold, becoming core gas and discharging into the gas pipeline. Due to centrifugal force, the gas stream with entrained dust particles in the air flow during rotation of the cyclone gradually moving towards the wall, hit the wall after sliding into the cyclone outlet, and finally fell into the under chamber, together with its own weight and moves down to bottom of the cyclone outlet; portion of the gas without solid particles and liquid droplets smaller centrifugal force flows to upper outlet.

Feature:Simple structure, small footprint, low investment, easy operation and maintenance, pressure loss medium, small power consumption, can be used in a variety of materials can be used for high temperature, high pressure and corrosive gases, and recyclable dry particles.

Disadvantages: efficiency is around 80%, capturing <5μm particle efficiency is not high, generally used as a pre-dust removing equipment.

2.Cyclone Working principle

Cyclone separator’s movement of air and dust particles

From a macro perspective airflow can be attributed to three movement:

Outer vortex,inner vortex,upper vortex

Gas from the inlet tangentially into the separator, from top to bottom along the wall for rotational movement, which this downward airflow called outer vortex,out vortex to the bottom of the cone instead upwards along the axis of rotation, and finally discharged through the outlet. This airflow is rotated upward called inner vortex. Same rotational direction of the outer and inner vortex, when the dust stream rotates, centrifugal force dust particles toward the outer wall and the combined effect of gravity and flow ,the particles along the wall fall into the dust collector.

When the high-speed gas rotates drow from the top, the top of the pressure drops, part of the flow will bring the fine dust particles along the outer wall rotates upward, after reaching the top, along the discharge pipe is rotated downward, is discharged from the discharge pipe. This rotating updraft called upper vortex.

3.Cyclone construction and feature                       

1)Vertical type


Nozzle 1,3----Gas inlet outlet

Nozzle 2--------Vent

Nozzle 4---------Purge

Nozzle 5---------Outfall

Nozzle 6--------Dust collector

Nozzle 7---------hand hole or man hole

Note:Barrel diameter greater than DN800 manholes should be set


Mainly by barrel, cyclone tube,spray devices and Opening Nozzles composition. Barrel is divided into three chambers. Cyclone tube assembly consists of upper and lower divisions. Spray device consists of a circular (circumferentially and Y axis azimuth angle of 120 degrees of uniform blowhole) sprinkler pipe and inlet pipe components, mainly used to clean the cyclone at the bore wall attached dust

Cyclone Sets a water inlet and connected with internal spray pipe to facilitate flush internal dust,at the bottom of the equipment is provided outfall and cleanint nozzle,for removing the sewage and solid dust; in the side of the device is provided a hand hole or manhole (manhole set when barrel diameter ≥DN800, two hand hole DN200) for internal equipment inspection and repair. Complete set of equipment is fixed on the basis by leg or skirt.


High separation efficiency.

Stable performance, easy operation, management and maintenance.

Simple structure, no ancillary equipment, small footprint.

4.Technical Specifications

1)The degree of purification

Dusty gas purification degree can be divided into three categories:

(1)Crude purification:Purification dust having a diameter of 100μm or more.

(2)Middle purification:Purification dust having a diameter of 10μm or more.

(3)Fine purification:Purification dust having a diameter of 10μm or mless.

Cyclone can be separated particle size is one of its main performance, the smaller the particles can be separated out, the degree of dust and gas to be purified is higher. The degree of purification and economic investment are mutually contradictory, according to the specific circumstances, in particular during the contradictory unity.

2)Pressure drop

Pressure drop is proportional to the second power of the gas separation cyclone inlet velocity;

The pressure drop is proportional to the density of the gas being separated.

Pressure drop is under 0.03Mpa,under normal operation 

3)Separation efficiency

(1)The solid diameter of 100μm above the dust separation efficiency is 100%

(2)The solid diameter of 10μm above the dust separation efficiency is 99.9%

(3)The solid diameter of 10μm less the dust separation efficiency is 98.5%

Each main nozzle with steel pipe flanges, spiral wound gasket seal type, reliable sealing performance. The main pressure parts materials are used ASTM A106, able to meet the requirements of condition strength requirements


Connection :flanged

Filtration accuracy:



Filtration efficiency:



Total resistance:≤0.04MPa

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