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Gas ASME U Stamp Filter Separator
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Product: Views:386Gas ASME U Stamp Filter Separator 
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Last updated: 2017-09-07 15:54

Quick details

Brand :XL            

Model No:GL      

Condition:Brand new,Unused

Origin:Shenyang China    

Product Type:Horizontal,Vertical    

Design Code:ASME BPV VIII Div.1,ASME B 31.8    

Material:ASTM A516 Gr.70,API 5L X70 etc


The filter separator is formed by quick opening closure, major barrel, filter element, saddle support, liquid collecting barrel, process nozzles (inlet, outlet, instrument, drainage, vent, level gauge, etc.), differential pressure gauge and level gauge etc.

Main Features

·Filtering accuracy for solid impurities:≥ 1.0μ; Filtering efficiency: 99.99%

·Filtering accuracy for liquid impurities:≥ 1.0μ; Filtering efficiency: 99.95%

·Differential pressure for filtering element change: 0.08-0.1MPa

·Max. pressure bearing of filtering element: 0.15 MPa

·Pressure drop:≤8Kpa


1.Natural gas metering station, sub-transmission station, compressor station, pigging station, city gate station etc.

2.Gas pipeline gas purification

3.Chemical gas and other gas purification


Quick opening closure:ASTM A105,ASTM A694 F70,ASTM A350 LF2, etc. 

Barrel body:API 5L Gr.B,X42,X52,X60,X65,X70,etc.

Filter element:PECO series

Filter description

PCHG polyester fiber filter has high dust collection efficiency, low pressure loss, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other advantages. Especially suitable for fine filtration, purification degree can achieve fine net (≤3μm).

5.1Thefilter installation, use and replacement

A ) installation to ensure that equipment filter efficiency, filter installation, face must tightly, preventing short circuit of air.

B ) use:to ensure the filtering precision, suggested replacement of the filter element when the differential pressure meter indication to 0.2MPa.

5.2 PECO’s PCHG filter Superiority

A ) PCHG Technology

PCHG filter is composed of several layers of PEM material to form a conical spiral structure. Each section consists of several layers of PEM material helically wrapped .Each layer of materials with spiral wrapped are combined together by heat treatment, the final formation of conical spiral structure.。

B ) PEM materials

PECO Engineered Media ( PEM ) is designed for coalescing filter engineering material, is the PCHG filter product key components. PEM materials according to the specified level of filtration and the efficiency of design. Various precise weighing trace fiber materials are mixed together, through heat treatment combined with system connected together, forming a filter element material.

C ) stratified density

The PECH element has a particular function. All the layer has a specific micron grade, each section can remove dust. Filter element outer layer usually removes large particles. With the dust into the tapered interior, filter increases the density and meet the requirements of the specifications and grades. The interior of the filter element structure is supporting part.

D ) PCHG filtering technology characteristics:

·The strict manufacturing process to ensure that high performance products

·The high dust of sewage reservoir capacity

·The filtered gas is not affected by the filter material contamination

E ) Environmental characteristics:

·The100% synthetic material

·It can burn ( decomposition for CO2+H2O ) no plastic residue

·It is easy to handle: can be processed into chopped, debris, and other fragments

·No core structure: no metal parts

·No glass fiber material

F ) Product advantages:

·No core of filter element structure

·The resistance to corrosion under high velocity

·The elastic structure to prevent damage during transport

·The multi-layer connection structure to improve the strength and stiffness

·The graded density increase of sewage reservoir capacity

·The hydrophilic and lipophilic materials used in big flow has higher aggregation efficiency

·The installation security, simple repair; high filtering precision, up to 1~5μm; small resistance, large flow capacity; can be used in high humidity environment;

G ) Separator ‘s filter selection

PECO has new generation gas, liquid filter of PCHG technology. This new generation of gas, liquid filter add a n advanced material; a new filter support; a new characteristics of end cover pressing design. This structure as follows:

A ) Filter structure

NGGC filter using PECO PCHG patent technology. PCHG is composed by several layers of PEM material it's a conical structure. Each section consists of several layers of PEM material. Each layer of materials with spiral wrapped by heat treatment are combined together , A new generation of gas condensing type filter will improve the design used in the PCHG manufacturing process.

B ) filter characteristics

·The new characteristics of the combination of materials with better performance

·The new enhanced filter supporting shell has higher structural strength

·The new top end cover, integration of the seal, the center of the filter element to provide a better seal bolt

·The new top end cover, integrative seal, does not require replacement of the filter element gasket, more convenient

·The new characteristics of the bottom end cap, entered the distribution of filter gas to make better use of the filter element space

·The new characteristics of the bottom end cap, provides a beneficial liquid discharge filter low velocity zone.

C ) The advantages of filter

·The total synthesis of material structure

·All can incineration

Separator efficiency and precision

The separation efficiency and the precision is the separator key performance index, the PECO company using a set of laboratory cyclic system test filter performance test device, see below.

Filter performance test device

PCHG336filter performance can completely meet the requirements of technical specification and corresponding request of data sheet:

Filtration precision:1 μm and above

Filtration efficiency of dust: 1μm 99%

3μm and below 99.1%

5μm and below 99.9%

Droplet:1μm 98%

3μm and below 98.6%

5μm and below 99%

Efficiency decreases with the particle diameter change curve ( see below):

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